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Oh, you are here …

First things first… You are welcome on this challenge to financial freedom (the goal) 

Before you dive into earning 100k or more in 30 days … you should understand how your financial life works. 

…because it’s not how much money you earn that’s important, but how much you have left after your living expenses

So here’s where you should start from, and that’s by having a financial plan for yourself which includes:

1. Cash balance – You want to be sure on paper what your current balance looks like – cash at hand + bank balance.  

Only write the money present with you or in your bank account down on paper, not money you’ve not received yet that you think someone owns you.

2. Income statement – You want to list your current income sources and how much they make for you. 

3. Debts – You want to calculate all the debt you are owning because you also want to be debt free 

4. Expenses – You want to list all the expenses that take money from you so you can arrange them in order of priority and budget for the most important ones. 

List of expenses to help you with… 

Here’s a list you can go through, pick the one that matters to you. 

– rent 

– vacation 

– brand new dress, shoes, bags, etc (accessories) 

– health (check up, spa, etc) 

– food & beverages 

– transportation 

– education (school fees, books, programs, courses, etc) 

– beauty care (skin care, hair care, foot care, etc) 

– family expenses (love) 

– PHCN & utility bill (airtime, DStv, internet connection, etc) 

– dream car, house, jet, etc 

– gifts & appreciation 

– unpaid debts, loans, & mortgage

– house help, nanny, driver, gateman

– business expense (project) 

– tithe, offerings, and special offerings

– home appliances & maintenance

– savings 

– insurance

– car maintenance fee 

– fuel (car, gen, etc) 

– community expenses (LASTMA, Security) 

– lavish lifestyle expenses (enjoyment) 

– random billing (unbudgeted expenses) 

– celebration (christmas, birthday, new year, parties, etc)

When you are done calculating – 

Now note the stage your financial life is…

1. Poor:-  expenses is more than income (debt)

2. Dey Play:- expenses is equal to income (no debt)

3. Savings:- have extra to save after expenses (no debt)

4. Smiling:- have extra consistently in the past 3 months (no debt)

5. Investing:- putting your savings to work for more money

6. Hope:- purchase an asset that’ll bring money for you 

7. Joy:- assets already bringing money 

8. Expanding:- assets bringing in more assets

9. Enjoying:- liquid money from different income sources

Be honest and be specific with this. 

The next step is … you want to know how much you need to earn monthly for how long to get to the next stage. 

Your goal determines how much you want to earn.

If it’s 100K, it means each day you should be earning nothing less than 4k … 

Now the real question comes to – 

How exactly how you going to earn that daily? 

What are you going to trade to earn that?   

Are you going to sell something? 

Are you going to offer a skill or service?

If you are going to promote something, how many people will have to buy for you to hit your daily goal – 

Write it all out and share. Then join the support WhatsApp group from your dashboard. And ride your way to financial freedom gradually.

Meetings hold 8PM, Saturday.